Profitability Strategy

You know your business, and you know what needs to be done to keep the bucks rolling in. But, if you’re like most business owners, it’s the logistics, the struggle to prioritize, and the lack of resources that are holding you back from doing more than trying to figure you if you can make the next payroll.

When you bring us in, you get an expert outside perspective on your business, unclouded by woulda-shoulda-couldas. When you hire us, you get someone not afraid to address profitability—which, let’s face it, is why most of us go into business in the first place. To make a buck. (Preferably, lots of ‘em.)

Cashflow Projections

Businesses have never ending needs. More equipment. More technology. More staff. More space. All of these compete for available funds, so understanding the company’s cash forecast allows you and your team to plan for what’s next, what’s doable—not just hoping or guessing.

Cashflow Management

They say cash flow is king. But, in fact, he’s a flat-out, fire-breathing tyrant. In the heat of your everyday decision-making battle, it’s easy to forget that there’s a difference between cash-flow and profitability. That’s why we see our number one job as helping you make smart, strategic choices to help you get—step by step—off the cashflow hamster wheel and start building your business on a sustainable foundation.

Budget + Forecast

Would you ever set out on a road-trip across the nation without a map and a plan? Of course not. But most business owners jump headlong into their business journey without the same thought, too. Creating a solid budget and forecast is, effectively, your business roadmap. We act as your GPS, with a global perspective and the experience to help you navigate an effective path to profitability.

Bank Liaison

The days of walking into a bank, sitting down with the president, and making all the problems go away with a handshake is the stuff of black and white movies. Banks speak in terms that are hard for most businesspeople to fully grasp. And banks are there to make as much money for their stockholders as they can. Which is why we help our clients maneuver through the process of finding that perfect working capital solution. We can talk directly with the bankers too — it’s best to have nerds speak to nerds.

Product + Customer Profitability

Knowing how much to charge for each product or service, and which customer or client to keep can be the difference between feast and famine. And it’s often not as simple as coming up with a straightforward price sheet or thinking that all customers are created equal. You need to understand where you make and lose money in order to create a smart pricing strategy to create profitability.

Financial Ecosystem Design

From getting your company up and running on the right cloud-based tools for your situation, to ensuring that the quality of data coming in gives you the quality data you need coming out—we work with clients like you to understand their business systems and their customer and vendor dynamics so that everything runs like a well-oiled machine.

Business Valuation Reports

Worked hard? Built your business into a moneymaker? Want to see if now’s the right time to cash out, or better to wait? Or, you maybe you want to know for other reasons. Maybe you’re thinking of “betting the farm” on that genius ideayou’ve been hatching that could propel you to Easy Street. We can help you figure out what your operation’s realistically worth. Then you decide.