We’ll take good care of your books, your payroll, and your taxes, but we’ll also help you simplify, streamline, and automate the back end of your business for optimal performance and profitability, using the top cloud-based technology solutions on the market right now.


Would you rather spend your time running your business…or looking for receipts? We believe there’s a better way to do the books—a smarter way, that catches more errors, reduces surprises, and expedites workflows; all while providing complete transparency to your team, wherever they may be. A Smart way. Let us help. 

Entity Formation

Don’t ask your uncle’s, or your Uber driver’s advice. This is serious stuff. How much you pay in taxes, how it will affect the volume of paperwork your business is required to create, the personal liability you’ll face, and your potential ability to raise money in the future hang on this. Then there’s the cost of formation and ongoing administration of the legal framework you choose.


Or you could ask us for help. It’s our bailiwick.

Financial Reporting

Financial reporting, shminancial reporting. Greek to you? Just numbers on paper? That’s why you need someone who can help you understand the implications and the repercussions. The purpose is to keep a finger on the pulse of your business to know the financial effects of your decisions. (You know, before you have a heart attack.) 

We’ll teach you to appreciate why they’re helpful to you and you’ll have what you need for investors, lenders, and government agencies—you know, like the three initials never to be spoken aloud. The back of a napkin won’t do. You need better. You need Smart financials.


Hire a third party. Problem solved. Right? Ummm… What should be a set-it-and-forget-it solution you can hire away cheap isn’t necessarily that simple. Why? Because things change. People come and go. Worker’s pay rates, deductions, marital status—you name it change. So, what could go wrong? Classifying workers improperly, misclassifying exempt workers, miscalculating overtime work, applying the wrong tax rate—the list goes on. It’s not that we love to do it. But we’re happy to help you run your ship, ship-shape. Not run it onto a sand bar.

Systems Integration

You can get the best accounting software and the top of the line CRM, only to find that these best of the bests don’t actually make nice together the way you imagined them working in your head. That’s where systems integration comes in. And it’s not for amateurs, or free. (You won’t find the fix on YouTube.) But your company’s left-hand and right hand don’t know what the other’s doing, it’s like flying blind. 

Wanna take a cross-country flight at night, in a storm, with your plane’s crew and air-traffic control unable to communicate? Didn’t think so. We can help.