…is really as much about you as it is us.

We began Smart because we all had worked for big-name firms, but felt like drones in a beehive. None of us felt we were really making a difference. And so we left those cushy jobs to start Smart and help out the little guy. The startup. The small to medium-sized business that can’t afford a big-name consulting firm, when really all they need is a practical business advisor that can give sound, straight-forward advice. These are companies like yours.

We’ve watched lots of great little companies—and some not so little—try this, that, and the-other-thing to succeed. But year after year they’re no closer to understanding the financial dynamics of their business than they were in year one. 


And that’s where we come in.

Yes, we still offer those gotta-have services like cloud-based bookkeeping and payroll, but we do it from a different perspective. From the profitability perspective. By taking the time to really understand your business dynamic, we can deliver smart advice and actionable steps you as a business owner, can take.

Our goal is to help clients sleep better at night.

We help clients with a more collaborative, informed, and mindful approach that nurtures change to offer companies like yours smart insights that help them do more than just make money but truly build and grow a profitable business.

We’re Smart. And we can help you be smart, too.   

And although many of us come from CPA backgrounds, and we do own a CPA firm, SMART is itself not a CPA firm. Read more about that here.

The coffee’s on us. The future’s on you.