We Stand With Our Community

As we continue to witness the division that plagues our Country, I want to candidly express our sentiments and how we recognize our responsibility to take action.

Firstly, our deepest condolences are with the families of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and countless others taunted with racial discrimination over decades. I am heartbroken—and embarrassed by the shattering reality laced with senseless violence we see in this Country. Truthfully, I haven’t figured out a full course of action, but the recent incidents exerted a much-needed turning point to acknowledge the structural racism before us.

In recent conversations with Black Americans, I realized we share a community, yet a different daily reality. We seek diversity without understanding the experiences of people who reflect it.
Good intentions don’t erase discrimination. These tragic events show us what centuries of implicit biases result in.

It is now clear to me that I did not fully understand white privilege and how strikingly different that societal component can create an opportunity that others do not enjoy, solely due to the color of their skin. I feel incredibly selfish to have never taken the time to really listen and understand how we got here. In my opinion, it is no longer ok to sit comfortably in this bubble.

As business leaders, we have the ability to influence change. It’s time we pay attention to the future we’re shaping through being receptive and creating economic opportunity for the Black community.

We stand with the Black community in advocating for an equitable society. We firmly believe Black Lives Matter and will continue to operate with such values that uplift the voices—and truly reflect our community. We are committed to learning a better path forward.

Our team is working hard to start new conversations, contribute in different ways to youth organizations, and supporting Black-owned businesses. We will make visible our efforts as a way to hopefully inspire others to take action as well as to continue to hold ourselves accountable.

Let’s commit to a better future together.

Founder & CEO

Smart Business Concepts

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